Compassion International

Compassion International is a non-profit, Christian child sponsorship organization that aims for long term development of children living in poverty stricken countries across the world. The organization is headquartered in Colorado Springs but functions in about 26 countries including Bolivia, Columbia, Mexico, Haiti, Kenya and India. The organization has reached out to more than 1.2 million children.

Compassion International believes that they are distinct because they being together elements like commitment to Christ, commitment to children, commitment to the church and commitment to integrity in one organization.

The child development model that they follow involves a holistic approach. The long term model ensures that the process starts at an early stage and continues into adulthood. This long term approach ensures that the good work is not left midway allowing the child to go astray before the development is complete. The model starts with the child survival stage, where the focus is on parental interventions and mother child interventions. This is a stage where the child is less than 5 years of age and needs the help of a parent or a guardian to survive.

The early childhood program, the school age programs and the adolescent age programs follow in which the surviving children are provided love, care, and encouragement so that they can grow into self-respecting humans. This is the stage where a child is matched with a sponsor who is dedicated to ensuring the development of the child. The leadership development stage is meant for those children who demonstrate excellent leadership qualities ad academic excellence in the Child Sponsorship Programs. A university education and intensive leadership training is provided to ensure a bright future of the child.

Compassion International also takes various initiatives to fight the poverty that the children face. The organization provides information about the numbers of children who are lost to poverty each day. They create awareness about the conditions that some children live in and encourage people to come forward and make a difference to one child.


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